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GS Biolab is the electro-medical division of GS Solution SPA, a company that has been operating for many years in the service sector, with over 100 offices and 600 partners throughout Italy. For several years GS Biolab has been involved in the production and design of analysis and diagnostic systems based on the principles of quantum medicine, and since 2019, sanitization devices for surfaces and environments.

The pandemic experience of COVID – 19 has been an inevitable ‘accomplice’ of an international production process focused on personal and collective protection systems that, apart from actual effectiveness considerations, have not yet been fully able to reconcile living everyday life in a protected environment, with the need to keep unchanged the consolidated lifestyle habits that belong to each individual.

This study illustrates how GS Biolab has engineered and produced sanitization devices (tested on Sars-Cov-2) able to normalize human activity in pandemic time, reducing the contagion risk almost to zero especially in the workplace, according to the Government agencies provisions and competent Health and Safety Departments.

Product typology

Biolight’s devices range includes portable models with UV-C LED technology and UV-C lamps models for environments with noble gas, in a quartz near-bent tubular structure.

Since each model of lamp produced emits UV light with a wavelength equal to or greater than 280nM (test that can be carried out with any UV detector meter), technically we are talking about UV-C rays (280-100 nm), this wavelength it appears to be more functional and effective than previous systems, as well as preparatory for use in the presence of people (according to the ISS COVID-19 ratio n. 25/2020), respecting due and communicated precautions.

All GS Biolab systems of sanitization environments, share an operating system based on two sterilization principles:

  • Ultraviolet rays;
  • The consequent bio-induction of Ozone.

Ultraviolet rays radiate oxygen molecules (O2), charging them electrically and inducing the formation of ozone molecules (O3).

Biolight lamps are equipped with an optical filter calibrated for UV-C, in order to avoid the inconvenience of redness of the eyes, a problem that most of our “competitors” does not consider since they do not have lamps that can be used in the presence of people.

Ultraviolet rays’ irradiation, and the consequent limited amount of Ozone in the air, make the environment unsuitable for the viruses, mold, fungi, bacteria and microorganisms’ proliferation, ensuring a sterilization effectiveness of 99.99%.

Certified sanitation

All the devices of the Biolight range are in line with the ISS COVID-19 report n. 25/2020, with CE – RoHS – ISO9001 certification – ISO 14001 and comply with EN 62471 on the photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems, indicated by the ISS as fundamental requirement. In addition, swab tests were carried out by ACCREDIA accredited laboratories to confirm the biocidal efficacy.

Sure of our products, we requested authoritative opinions from the most illustrious Italian universities such as the Spallanzani Institute in Rome and the University of Naples Federico II (which has already responded positively).

Within the range of Biolight UVC devices there are devices conceived and designed specifically for lifts, for vehicles public transport, for schools and for the operating blocks of clinics and hospitals, all compliant with the relevant EC regulations as well as more effective and efficient than most competing products on the market.

The dose of radiant energy generated by the Biolight UV-C devices is effective on Sars-Cov-2, in line with the test results carried out by the University of Milan in collaboration with INAF.

Workplace sanitation

With the correct combination of room lamps and portable devices for surfaces, every workplace, every activity, restaurant, reception room, bar, hotel, professional studio, office, supermarket, hospital, barracks or private home can count on a system of certified sanitization and prevention, guaranteed, more effective and cheaper than most alternative solutions on the market.

The categories that have relied on GS Biolab certified sanitation are many among the most served are:

  • Hotel facilities;
  • Offices;
  • Business;
  • Elevation systems;
  • Airports including Linate and Malpensa;
  • Staff of the Italian Air Force;
  • NATO Modelling and Simulation Center of Excellence in Rome

and several other nationally renowned companies.

GS Biolab Target

GS Biolab has carried out calibrative sanitation devices, in terms of efficiency and design, having the cost / effectiveness parameter.

Installations and to whom we address:

  • Primary, secondary, upper secondary, university;
  • Theaters, cinemas, museums, places of worship (we are suppliers of the Vatican);
  • Private homes;
  • Public and private offices, hotels, B&Bs and accommodation facilities;
  • Large distribution;
  • Business;
  • Gyms and wellness centers;
  • Canteens;
  • Car, van, truck and bus cockpits;
  • Condominium;
  • Lifts, hoists, ATMs and ATMs;
  • Areas of public interest.

GS Biolab activities

As briefly illustrated in the introduction, GS Biolab is the electro-medical division of GS Solution SPA, a company with decades of experience in the services sector and manufacturer of quantum medical diagnostic systems and environmental sanitation systems, with technologies tested effective on COVID 19.

GS Biolab avails itself of a widespread sales network in almost the entire national territory.

The time, patience and teamwork of GS Biolab professionals have given the opportunity to collaborate with recognized companies such as:

  • FERRARI Spa;
  • NATO;
  • Vatican City.

In addition, the worldwide interest in these technologies has allowed the expansion of the sales network in certain foreign countries which sees Germany, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait among the main buyers.

GS Biolab

Electomedical division of GS Solution SPA. We are constantly working to regularize human activity in times of pandemics and improve the interaction between people and diagnostic methodologies.

Future is Safe.

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