produced by GS Solution SPA

The innovative UV-C Ultraviolet BIOLIGHT lamps are produced by GS Solution SPA, a company that has been operating in the service sector for many years, with over 100 locations and 600 members throughout Italy.

GS Biolab, electromedical division of GS Solution SPA, deals with the production and design of analysis and diagnostic systems, based on the principles of quantum medicine, and since 2019, sanitization for surfaces and environments.

Based on scientific experience and constant interaction with accredited professionals, it has been possible to create and engineer a series of permanent sanitization systems against viruses and bacteria, mainly based on C – type ultraviolet rays.

UV Ultraviolet rays are an established, reliable, effective and safe technology.

The range of Biolight UV-C devices includes portable models with Led technology and models for environments with noble gas UV-C lamps, in quartz press-bent tubular structure. Each model of lamp produced emits UV light with a wavelength equal to or greater than 280nM (test that can be performed with any UV detector).

Portable Biolight UV-C devices take advantage of the versatility and size of UVC LEDs. It will be sufficient to irradiate a surface at a distance of about 5cm for 10 seconds to obtain a 99.99% reduction in bacterial and viral load.

The sanitizing devices for environments share an operating system based on two sanitation principles: the emission of ultraviolet rays and the consequent bio-induction of Ozone.

UV-C systems are fast and easy to use, leave no chemical residues and do not risk exposing workers to harmful substances.

The laboratory tests carried out have shown an almost total lowering of UFC (Colony Forming Units) on a surface not directly irradiated by the device, after only 15 minutes of operation.

The combination of the radiant energy developed by the Biolight UVC devices and the oxidizing capacity of the bio-induced ozone in the air was found to be the basis of a highly effective and efficient system, a system that makes the environment unsuitable for the proliferation of viruses. , molds, fungi, bacteria and microorganisms, guaranteeing a sterilization efficiency of 99.99%.

All the sanitizing devices produced by GS Biolab comply with current European regulations and their virucidal and bactericidal efficacy is proven by tests carried out in Accredia accredited laboratories.

LED line

Biolight Task by GS Biolab

Biolight Task

Thought and designed for everyday use.

Lightweight and pocket-sized, weighing less than 30g and 15mm thick, the new Biolight Task eliminates viruses* and bacteria at 99% in just 10 seconds.

Ideal for objects, mobile phones, infant products, coins and banknotes, etc.

It can irradiate edible foods and drinks.

*Effective dose of radiant energy on Sars-Cov-2 in line with the results of tests carried out by the State University of Milan in collaboration with INAF.

Biolight Steel

Respectively equipped with 6 and 10 UV-C LEDs, made of satin aluminum, resistant and lightweigh, the Biolight Steel Os6 and Os10 are a perfect solution to the need to eliminate all forms of viruses* and bacteria from the objects and surfaces with which we come into contact in our daily lives.

In about 10 seconds they guarantee 99.99% effectiveness.

Designed for small surfaces such as counters, cash desks, desks, plexiglass sheathers, tables, various kinds of objects, etc.

They can irradiate edible foods and drinks.

*Effective dose of radiant energy on Sars-Cov-2 in line with the results of tests carried out by the State University of Milan in collaboration with INAF.

Biolight UC-Chip by GS Biolab

Biolight UV-Chip

Smartphone accessory, practical, functional, current.

Simply insert the UV-Chip into the charging outlet (IOS or Type-C) and radiate the desired surface for about 10-20-30 seconds, so as to achieve 99% effective sterilization, always handy.

Ideal for objects, mobile phones, infant products, coins and banknotes, etc.

It can irradiate edible foods and drinks.

Office line

These products include double disinfection, UV-C + Ozone, which can avoid the defect of single disinfection.

All BIOLIGHT lamps adopting this disinfection principle are equipped with UV – C calibrated optical glass.

The limited amount of ozone generated by bio-induction from the lamp is well below the recognized danger threshold, so it amplifies germicidal efficacy without any risk to the health of those present.

With the addition of a special WI-FI module, it is possible to allow remote control and programming via the Google Home app and tablet provided by the manufacturer.

The two main advantages:

  • UV-CUltraviolet light with a wavelength of ≥ 280 nm, which kills viruses and bacteria in few seconds, with a sterilization efficiency of up to 99.99%. By irradiating viruses and bacteria, UVC rays destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in the cell of the microorganisms themselves. By causing the death of regenerative cells, the most effective sterilization effect is achieved.
  • Ozone: UV-C irradiation electrically charges oxygen molecules (O2), some of which bind, generating tiny amounts of Ozone (O3). The percentage of O3 in the air remains well below the recognized danger threshold, so it greatly amplifies the effectiveness against viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi, without any risk to the health of those present.

Biolight Wallbox

The Biolight Wallbox is an ideal solution for sanitize offices, classrooms and rooms of all kinds.

Made of beechwood (PEFC certified) and satin aluminum, thanks to the minimal trademark design of the Biolight range, the Wallbox easily adapts to any décor and any environment.

Sanitization up to 40sqm in about 60 minutes.

Biolight Ozone

Made of steel and beech wood (PEFC certified), with a minimal and compact design, the Biolight Ozone, sanitize rooms up to 40sqm in about 60 minutes.

It can be used in the presence of people.

Respect the warnings of the instruction manual.

Biolight Air Pure

Destined for an increasingly massive use, the latest arrival of the Biolight range: Air Pure.

It is an air purifier/sanitizer designed for car cockpits, but suitable for any circumstance.

Air Pure guarantees in about 15 minutes the total sanitization of air in the passenger compartment of medium-sized cars. Equipped with a dual principle of operation, Air Pure can sterilize air from viruses and bacteria via UV-C, or spread fresh and light air through Ionization.

Professional line

Biolight Healt Plus by GS Biolab

Biolight Healt Plus

Screened by voltage or current changes and with a perfectly stabilized wavelength, Biolight Health Plus is designed for clinics, hospitals and operating theatres, with the aim of providing an important aid to the prevention of contagion or infection.

The interference limits with integrated type 3 over-voltage protection perform two operations:

  • Absorb temporary overvoltage;
  • Interference voltage at high frequencies.

Made of steel, the Biolight Health Plus sanities about 30m2 in 60 minutes.